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Arkid Capelle is a teenager who lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere. He has always been a bit of a loner, but he is content with his life. He spends his days playing video games and watching anime. One day, Arkid is walking home from school when he sees a strange light in the sky. He follows the light to a clearing in the woods, where he finds a baby deer. The deer is injured and Arkid takes it home with him. He nurses the deer back to health and names it Bambi. Arkid and Bambi become best friends. They spend every day together, playing and exploring the woods. One day, Arkid is playing with Bambi in the woods when he is attacked by a group of bullies. The bullies are about to hurt Arkid when Bambi comes to his rescue. Bambi charges at the bullies, antlers first, and chases them away. Arkid is grateful to Bambi for saving him. He knows that he would be lost without his best friend. Arkid and Bambi continue to be best friends for many years. They grow up together and share many adventures. Arkid eventually goes to college, but he never forgets his best friend. He always makes time to visit

Arkid: "I'm Arkid Capelle, a loner teenager who spends his days playing video games and watching anime. I'm not very social, but I'm kind and caring. I'm also very brave and loyal. I'd do anything for my friends." Bambi: "I'm Bambi, a baby deer who was found by Arkid in the woods. I'm playful and curious, and I love to explore. I'm also very loyal and protective of my friends. I'd do anything to keep them safe."
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